The review industry today lacks transparency, consolidated data, and credible validation mechanisms. This has created an environment rife with fake reviews, manipulation by businesses, and a broken feedback loop that fails to represent authentic consumer voices. The global economy suffers an estimated $152 billion annual loss due to fake reviews.

Triend is pioneering a decentralized review protocol that establishes a new era of trusted feedback powered by blockchain technology. By introducing Proof of Review, a novel multi-layer verification system, Triend ensures only legitimate reviews from real people and experiences are recorded immutably on-chain. This restores transparency, consolidates review data, and fortifies credibility - solving the core issues plaguing the industry today.

An incentive token economy nurtures this decentralized ecosystem, rewarding reviewers, businesses, and community participants who stake towards the protocol's security and growth. Triend is redefining how we share feedback in the digital age through its trustless, self-sovereign, and community-driven model.

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